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Furniture upcycler, interactive dev-signer, cat owner, DIYer and wanderluster. These are "Wyss' pieces" of her portfolio. 'Cause "Wyss" rhymes with piece, get it?

  • Date of birth
    May 16 (Taurus)
  • Languages
    English, French
  • Hobbies
    Yoga, music, netflix, cat wrangling
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I'm a multimedia designer who specializes in creating cohesive and unified eye-catching interfaces and media. I have experience as a designer, developer and project manager in the media, publishing, advertising, and IT & HR Research industries. I have formal education in video editing, motion graphics and 3d design.

My passion lies in creating highly intuitive and eye-catching websites and applications. My favourite methodology is modular design. I create highly detailed and reusable assets for consistent and unified applications. I love crafting beautiful front-end code.


Web Design

I create intuitive website and application designs that focus on best user experience practices. I aim to delight my end users with highly usable applications.


OOCSS, HTML5, Sass, Javascript; a few of the tools in my arsenal. To boot, I have a functional understanding of back-end languages including: RoR, PHP, & Node.

Print Design

Advertising campaigns, data driven reports, banner stands, infographics. I name my layers, I understand crop marks. What more do you want?


Logos, business cards, bagstuffers, storefront designs and a social media presence design are just a few of the areas I've worked in.


Emily is a strong role model for the whole IT team to look up to. She has taken it upon herself to begin training in a Ruby Bootcamp course. By doing this, she is ensuring she can continue to “Deliver Extraordinary Value” to the company and our customers. Through this training she is putting the “dev” in “devsigner”, which will make it easier to design solutions and bring them to life.

She has recently displayed our core value of “Get Things Done” by working late many nights brainstorming, researching and mocking up a really impressive UI for an important project. She makes herself available to give detailed and helpful peer reviews on GitHub and is always looking to improve our project workflow.

Even after working late nights on projects and working through the Ruby course, she somehow found more time to donate to the Fundraisers. She volunteered to be the lead organizer for the Children’s Christmas party and did a great job pulling everything together; the event was a huge success. For all of these reasons, Emily was named Info-Tech’s “IT Person of the Month” for September 2014. I'll also note she was given the title February 2014 and December 2014, she's a hard worker and wonderful person to work with!

Kathleen MacAinsh



Interactive Dev-Signer - Info-Tech Research Group

Jan 2014 to present

What I do: Maintaining brand standards, front-end development, interface design, user-experience design, color theory, advertisements, data visualization, report design, print design, digital design, motion graphics to name a few. What I love: While I am fortunate enough to cover a breadth of areas at Info-Tech, Application and web-design are my favourite aspects. I love designing a usable, consistent and scaleable interface that is easy to use.

Graphic Designer - MacTop

May 2013 to December 2013

What I did: Experience as a graphical interface designer and developer. I helped create unique user interfaces that ensured a positive experience. Practiced responsive down to mobile development. I gained experience in front and back end development. Languages I used included HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and ColdFusion. Additionally, database creation and content management occurred on a regular basis as one of my responsibilities. Moreover, I was involved in designing various print elements for a fortune 500 company. Programs used include PhotoShop, inDesign, Illustrator, Balsamiq Mockups. Typography, colour theory and texture study were regular parts of my job and skills I developed over my tenure.


The University of Western Ontario


Bachelor of Arts in Media, theory and production. I learned the cultural theory around various media which allows me to be critical about the effect my design has on society.

Fanshawe College


Diploma in Multimedia, Design and Production. This was the practical application of the theories I learned at Western. I was fortunate to have a well-rounded education that included both critical theory and hands on education. In this program I was taught colour theory, web design, User Experience theories, best practices in User Interface Design, typography, HTML, CSS, back-end programing languages, javascript and print design.


I pride myself on having a variety of skills. Below, I outline my specialties.

RoR, PHP, Node
Print Design
Adobe Suite
Motion Design


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Interested in working with me? I don't blame you. Here are my digits so we can make magic.

I'm free for emails, texts and phone calls pretty much all the time. If I miss your call, I'll get back to you A.S.A.P. I look forward to hearing from you.